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Mandy Lawson

Just a Little Frosting 

(A Lora Kate London Novel Book 3)

Newly engaged Lora Kate is over-the-moon happy. She is the boss of a major party planning company, and her fiance, Sam, is the sweetest man alive.

And Garrett Smith, her new assistant, is amazing. He makes wonderful coffee, is completely organized, and keeps her day running smoothly - a professional in every sense of the word. However, he's gorgeous and has a crush on her. Besides doing the little extra for the job, he walks her to her car and brings her donuts. He seems to just know what she needs.

Sam doesn't like the perfect assistant at all and jealousy begins to seep in. And that begins to drive a wedge between the happy couple.

Can Lora Kate and Sam survive the holidays, wedding planning, and a New York fashion show? A fashion show where L.K. goes with her assistant and without Sam?

Or will Garrett make a his way into L.K.'s heart?